My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them!

Casio watch street culture is very strong, style is, as always, maverick, and the high degree of recognition. In the bustling streets is not difficult to find, young people or the hearts of young people will always like to take it out of the street, as it is fashion icon, so far its fans are already numerous, all over the world. Casio is not static classic, by the multi-element, multi-change, bold blend of attitude to dominate the streets! In 2009, when I was in college, for a simple boy paper, where to resist the "G-SHOCK" "Pilot Series" "6 Bureau of radio waves," "seismic, anti-centrifugal force" and many other high-tech labels Sports watch. I remember when the spokesperson or Huang Lihang, just like a tough guy image appearance, a variety of new posters really hard fried horizon! Read three years wanted to replica rolex watches three years, a simple line of parameters already clear in the heart. After graduating from work for 3 months, the hands finally a little free to control the money, and eager to Taobao, looking for a Kaopu purchasing 2600 yuan to start. Because the radio wave watch in the civilian market is still relatively high technology properties, not A would be able to A out, so do not worry about buying fake goods like. After the first time set the standard time to hand the city, to open the mode of collection, all normal, this like a stone fell to the ground. Although the function of a lot of mess, in fact, in daily life, the actual function of a few really used, as in any case I do not need accurate to 1/100 second chronograph function. Disadvantages: from the design style Casio has always been known for rough, but in fact some products can only be used to describe the rough, such as broad sword pointer, the edge of a serious burr, quality control worrying. Small pointer is not even straight, and this is the consequences of the assembly of Thailand (radio waves are mostly assembled in Thailand). Strange incident: I remember the first time to fly to Qingdao, with this watch on the plane. On the plane before the watch and the function of the pointer position is normal, the day is Friday, I saw the plane, the week pointer actually jumped to Saturday, the other functions properly. Search the Internet have not found the relevant interpretation of the problem, confused so far. With Casio radio watch friends, when the plane can pay special attention to. But so many years have passed, full of years of traces of it is still accompanied by the side, but it has become a real sense of my sports watch. It's extraordinary for me, as long as it's not bad, it's definitely still there! My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! Casio GMA-S110HC_ Taobao search Taobao search is the most intelligent product search engine, through the operation of large data, accurate understanding of goods and users, to provide accurate personalized search experience. direct links Boys paper they should all know, for girls, if not "fashion mobs" "crazy sports enthusiasts.".. It is almost difficult and Casio such rough wind sports wrist emotions spark. 2014, women want to buy it the purpose of very clear, because the family is about to join the fitness. For girls to buy this most important thing must be the color of the rolex replica uk color is high ah to look good ah! Take her around a circle of Casio stores, one on the phase of this purple color G-SHOCK MINI, playing around in her try and counter all kinds of exaggerated adjectives plus professional surgery bombing, I silently write down Model, went to the side with a cell phone searched Nichia Mei Ya Yingya ..... Helpless, hard to find its trace! May only have this color to sell in mainland China, but unfortunately did not recruit the sea Amoy, and had to dig card brush will, leave! My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! "Daughter hard to buy her like ah" heart meditation: you like it! My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! 2016 years, today, after years of correct political guidelines Z aunt all the sea Amoy skills already in fire. Early years, just learn to sea Amoy when you like to use a mobile phone bound mailboxes of the United States levi's ah timberland ah jomashop ah Ashford ah ..... lead to brush them bombarded as sent to the depth of addiction advertising messages, Just like the Aunt Z like to keep brushing the same brush! Until that time be regarded as truly open the door to understand the Swiss watch the world. You ask me why? Of course, because cheap ah! . . My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! Wandering through the mall when passing some well-known Swiss watch brand counters can not help but go in a circle to see if there is no like, if you feel good, will write down the model model price, and then come back a variety of search Soso. Compared with many of the same level of watch parameters, only to find this and compare the same level of desktop computer difference, the hardware configuration are half jins! On the way to the two, and gradually began to form a personal aesthetic style, began to know what they do not like what kind of. This time do not buy buy, even when? My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! For mechanical watches, how to swiss replica watches determine their own to buy the right? Personal experience is: more and more like, began to understand what is engaging, and subconsciously raising his hand to see it when it is not really to see the time! My Watch Cancer Life: And The Simple Stories Behind Them! Summary: Now the watch is generally not a commodity, but a luxury. Since it is already a luxury, and that the value of the brand will be greater than the value of the watch itself. Is the so-called "a sub-price goods, very price two points." Buy the road of their own watch must take heart, according to the reality, do not blindly pursue the value of cash, but not the pursuit of the so-called grade points. I think the text of the final Shanghai brand female watch is the most I bought the "value" of the watch, never used before the watch with the women vote, now go out there will check with a watch, and have to sleep every night to develop before On the chain of habit. This is enough to show that she really like this Shanghai watch, so have a watch psychological satisfaction and the cash value of the watch itself is not much relationship. No matter what kind of watch, and there is no distinction between. Quartz watch with quartz watch the peace of mind, a radio watch with the accuracy of the radio watch, mechanical watch the beauty of mechanical watches! No one should comment on others' watches at all times, because you do not understand why he / she bought this watch!